What is Kemet?

Kemet refers to the ancient lands of Africa before it was called Egypt. The literal translation means “the land of black people.”

Kemet flourished about 5,000 years ago – thousands of years before Ancient Greece or Rome. It was the home of Cleopatra and her family who is said to have immigrated to Kemet from Macedonia where for generations they remained for well over 300 years.

Shop Kemet is designed to honor the legacy of African innovation and to pay tribute to the tradition of cooperative economics.

Here, melanated makers, creatives and service providers and our allies from all walks of life are free to share our offerings with those wishing to seek out and support who we are and what we stand for.

At Shop Kemet, we believe there is strength in community. That means there’s also strength in our numbers, which to date remains scattered and diluted by a majority culture that continuously marginalizes the values and traditions of African Americans.

We seek to change that. Here we are all Kemetian, reliving a time where we all flourished!

Welcome home! #wearekemetian

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