Read our responses to our most frequently asked questions to help you choose the Seller Account that best suits your needs and desired goals.

What is the criteria to list products, services or goods on Shop Kemet?

You must manufacture your own Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products to list on Shop Kemet. No resellers are allowed on the site without explicit written approval from Shop Kemet. Additionally, any item sold must be available to ship within 2 business days (48 hours) of the time it was ordered. Sellers will be paid usually within 2 weeks of sales to ensure shopper has time to assess items purchased to keep or to return for refund (minus fees). Sellers must agree to have an authorized shipping account and provide tracking numbers to consumers and to Shop Kemet so that we may monitor shipping. All listed items must be professionallhy photographed on a white background with minimum to no styling.

What Does Consumer Packaged Goods Mean?

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are items used daily by average consumers, that require routine replacement or replenishment, such as food, beverages, clothes, tobacco, makeup, and household products. While consumer demand for CPGs largely remains constant, this is nevertheless a highly competitive sector, due to high market saturation and low consumer switching costs, where consumers can easily and cheaply switch their brand loyalties.

How Do I Make My Products Shelf-Ready?

Major retailers want their store operations to be “easy” and efficient. At Shop Kemet, although our products are offered online only, we still want our customers to have experiences that meet or exceed their expectations when searching our product offerings. That’s why our vendors must use requirements similar to traditional retailers to list and deliver their goods in packaging that make the consumers’ experience as easy as possible. We call our requirements “The 4 Easies”.

  • 1 Easy Identification

Products must be clearly labeled by brand, name, stock keeping unit (SKU) or a preferred universal product code, (UPC), etc.

  • 2 Easy Open

All packaging solutions should be easy to open, preferably without special tools or knives. Opening processes should be intuitive; otherwise pictograms are useful.

  • 3 Easy Recycle/dispose

Packaging solutions should be easy to dispose or recycle. Whenever possible, packaging should also be space-saving and foldable.

  • 4 Easy Shop

Consumers must be able to easily identify and obtain the product they intend to purchase. Packaging should improve product identification and thus make a positive contribution to the overall online shopping experience.

What qualifies as a Creative?

creative professional who is also known as a creative specialist is a person who is employed for the extraction of skills in creative endeavors. Creative professions include writing, art, design, photography, theater, television, radio, motion pictures, related crafts, as well as marketing, strategy, scientific research and development, product development, engineering, some types of teaching and curriculum design, and more.

Please note that a creative may choose to have a Service Provider account with Shop Kemet if they wish to offer a service for creative development as opposed to direct selling to customers for creative works of art produced by the maker.

What is a Service Provider?

A service provider offers their expertise to help consumers achieve a stated goal, such as design their packaging or professionally photograph their products. Service providers act as contract workers for a time certain that is most often project deliniated. 

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No more visiting multiple websites to locate the ethnic products you want and need. Now with Shop Kemet, we can list your products where consumers can find everything in one conveninet location.


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Shop Kemet is committed to Black Excellence. That’s why products on this site are properly vetted to ensure maximum quality and is commensurate with the price point and representation advertised.


Bold Solutions

People of African descent are leading all other demographic groups in smart phone ownership and online shopping. Shop Kemet harnesses the power of what our community is already doing by providing a shopping platform curated for us and by us.


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Because this site is dedicated to the African American manufacturer and consumer, we may now pool our resources and advertising dollars to promote economic development and success in our own community.



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