• Chlorine Hair Protection Spray

    If you swim and are concerned about dry hair, breakage, and hair loss, EBAN Shield Spray is the perfect solution. EBAN Shield Spray is a protective moisturizer that prevents the harmful effects of exposure to chlorine and/or salt water, keeping your hair moisturized, strong, and healthy. EBAN Shield Spray’s special combination of Nettle Leaf Oil, Royal Jelly, and Vitamin C protects hair from harmful chemicals while stimulating hair growth. Use EBAN Shield Spray before, during, and after every swim for optimal results.


    Curl Again Natural Hair Growth and Scalp Care Maintenance products contain healthy natural ingredients and essential oils like Rosemary and Olive Oils which are known to be natural DHT blockers which help prevent baldness alopecia in women and men.

    Paraben cruelty sulfate free & vegan ! Try these together with other Curl Again black natural hair care products for an at home diy remedy when you are in need of a good hair growth and regrowth product that works.  Made with natural moisturizers and essential oils that are perfect for curly kinky coil hair.

  • Nature Boy Beard Conditioning Creme

    In 2014, Nature Boy Founder Jacob Quetant was aimless searching for an all-natural fix to his scruffy beard. After visiting store after store with no luck, he took matters into his own hands and created a grooming brand that is plant – based and all natural.


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