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Q. What is Shop Kemet?

A. Shop Kemet is a new e-commerce platform that curates products into one convenient space so that makers of color and the consumers that wish to support them can more easily find and do business with one another.

Q. In the age of Etsy, Shopify, Amazon and others, why is Shop Kemet needed?

A. Shop Kemet is needed for several important reasons. 1. In 2019, far too many retailers continue to ignore the needs of their African American consumers by failing to source and to consistently carry quality multicultural product options. 2. It is still too cumbersome and time-consuming for consumers to find products that are culturally relevant to them on many existing mega platforms. 3. All too often, items such as black hair and skin products and foods cannot be identified as such because of policies on mega platforms that expressly forbid such monikers. As a result, these products become lost in a sea of consumer goods that are not designed to meet the unique needs and expectations of the black community.

Top 10 Reasons BoBs Should List on Shop Kemet?

  1. No meeting with buyers who just don’t get what you do OR who you do it for.
    2. No paying expensive distribution charges.
    3. No begging for shelf space in your retail grocery chain.
    4. Set your own prices and keep more of what you earn.
    5. Low to no-cost listing fees.
    6. Great way to market validate your product.
    7. Reduce and/or eliminate your marketing and advertising spends on other online platforms that limit your ability to directly target your desired audiences.
    8. Do your part to keep dollars circulating in your community longer.
    9. Be a part of helping to build something designed specifically for you.
    10. More and more people are looking to support black. Why not make it as easy as possible to find everything they need in one convenient location?

Q. Can any maker who isn’t black also list their items on Shop Kemet?

A. Certainly! As long as that product clearly demonstrates cultural relevance to the African American community, all small makers/manufacturers are welcomed to list on the Shop Kemet platform. It may be difficult to understand if you’re already a part of the majority population, but creating a space that increases capacity for marginalized manufacturers and shines a spotlight on their products is very much still needed. Unfortunately, this will not change until and unless those in power begin to recognize the importance of multicultural representation on shelves.

Q. How do makers list their products on Shop Kemet?

A. Small makers/manufacturers with a pre-packaged, shelf-ready consumer good may apply to list on Shop Kemet. Vendors must have inventory to ship all orders within 48 business hours in order to qualify for listing. For a limited time, the listing fee is FREE for those manufacturers, creatives and service providers who create an account prior to May 1, 2020. Then, beginning on that date, you’ll be billed just $9.99/month or $19.99 (depending on account type) to cover the expenses associated with running this site. 

Q. Can I apply to be a re-seller on Shop Kemet for products I don’t personally make or manufacture? 

A. No. You must own the rights to all merchandise listed. 

Q. Does Shop Kemet charge any additional fees?

A. Shop Kemet charges a highly competitive 15% commission fee for every item sold on our platform and 10% commission on everything else. We reserve the right to increase your desired listing fee by 15% or, if your listing price dictates, we may opt to collect commissions after each sale. For example, if you regularly list an item for $10, Shop Kemet may work with you to change that listing price to $11.50 to accommodate our commission. Or, we may approve the desired item to list of $10.00. In that case, when your payment arrives, it will reflect a 15% reduction in the sell price (i.e. $10.00 – $1.50 (our commission) = $8.50 Paid to you).

Q. What are Shop Kemet’s photography requirements?

A. Once approved, all items must be professionally photographed to achieve a minimum of 600 x 600 dpi resolution, must be minimally styled on a white background and must meet any additional photographic standards listed. Failing to do so may result in a rejection for that listing. All approvals are at the sole discretion of Shop Kemet. NOTICE: If you’re in the Austin metroplex area, our staff photographers can shoot up to 5 product shots that meet our standards for publication for just $75. Each additional photograph required after that will cost just $10, in most cases. If you would like to learn more, please register for your account and then reach out through the message system. We’ll put you in touch with the photography team..

What protection does Shop Kemet offer to its shoppers?

Buyers in the U.S. should expect to receive their product by mail in 2-5 business days from date of purchase (excluding weekends and holidays), unless otherwise noted. International shipping times may vary but must be received in a reasonable time. All funds paid will be held in escrow for up 14 calendar days to allow time for the consumer to receive their products and to determine if it meets their expectations. If it doesn’t, the item(s) may be returned for a full refund within that 2-week period (14 calendar days) minus our commission fees. If we do not receive a notice that the consumer wishes to return/replace any item purchased, we will assume they were satisfied with that purchase and the funds will be released to the vendor into their authorized Business Account. After that, any disputes must be handled directly between the vendor and the buyer.

Q. How are items shipped on Shop Kemet?

A. All items sold on Shop Kemet must be shipped directly from the vendor within 48 business hours of purchase. Vendors who are flagged three or more times for failing to ship on time may be temporarily or permanently banned from all future listings on our platform, at the sole discretion of Shop Kemet.

Q. Is Shop Kemet responsible for the claims made by its vendors?

A. Shop Kemet assumes no liability for any product listed on our platform. The listing vendor is solely responsible for all claims and representations made. Vendors who develop a history and reputation for violating our rules may be temporarily suspended or banned indefinitely from use of this site.

Q. What kind of vendors may list on Shop Kemet?

A. Shop Kemet will prominently feature consumer packaged goods (CPG) like health and beauty products, hair care, men’s grooming, foods including beverages and gourmet snack items, books, jewelry, clothing and shoes. Shop Kemet will also provide listings for service providers of color such as packaging design specialists, graphic designers, book keepers, photographers, etc. We invite restaurantuers, hairstylists, barbers and nail technicians to list as well. This list is not all-inclusive, so if you’re in doubt whether your product or service meets or criteria, still apply for your account and we’ll let you know once a determination is made.

Q. How do I sign up for a vendor account?

A. When you’re ready to apply, please visit and submit your completed form. We’ll review your application, and upon acceptance, we’ll send correspondence alerting you to the next steps you should take to complete the listing process.  

If you did not find the answers to your questions here, or would just like more information, please email us at or send us a Contact Form here. For faster response, you may reach us during normal business hours (CST) at 512.386.1418. All calls left after 5 p.m. CST will be returned on the following business day.

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