About Us

Our Collective Success is the ONLY Way Forward.

A Message From Our Founder

Now more than ever, the African American business community must be strategic in our collective approach to success. People of all cultures and background are actively looking for ways to offer their support for Black and minority population businesses but they need easier ways to find us — just as we in business need easier solutions to be found.

As a seasoned founder of three successful startups, I understand the importance of tackling these challenges by working to identify B2C friction points where they may exist so that we all can win. That’s exactly what our Collective Success is all about!

With a strong focus on the intersection between African American business and consumerism, I’m driven by a desire to contribute to the support and empowerment of the community that I’m deeply proud of and love so much.

Come on in and see what’s new today! I hope you’ll be inspired to support this new journey by becoming a member of our New Kemet Tribe.

Inspired for and by you,

De J. Lozada,

De J. Lozada, Founder


Our Founder

Founded in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic by De Juana “De J.” Lozada, an award-winning Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and food technology founder based in Austin, TX, Shop Kemet was created to promote Cause-Driven Consumerism in support of Black-Owned Businesses (BoBs).

Our Goals

Our goal are simple:

  1. to provide a low-cost digital e-Commerce platform that celebrates and supports African American business and consumerism and
  2. to remove barriers for African American business success by making it easier for  those businesses to be found by those seeking to support them. 

Our Future

The future is bright for our company! We continue to grow and develop, and customers tell us what a good job we have done when they work with us to get what they want. We are expanding to offer more value and more options, which will give our customers even more reasons to come see us and appreciate all we have to offer to them. If you haven’t been in lately or this is your first time shopping with us, welcome! Come in, look around, and take this journey with us as we move into the future.