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Support products made by the New Majority for the New Majority and our allies. Here is your virtual one-stop shop for ethnically made and inspired merchandise created with your specific needs and desires in mind.

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You’ve worked hard to create something good and you can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world. Here’s an affordable and effective way to connect with a community of consumers interested in your success.

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There are lots of people out there with needs you are uniquely qualified to address. Join our growing community of service-based businesses so that others can find you in one convenient location.

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We can accomplish so much when we do it together! With your support, Shop Kemet will become the definitive online destination for ethnic consumers, suppliers and our allies.


It’s time for the New Majority to rise up and create our own opportunities for greater prosperity and success.


Nothing feels quite as good as when we set our own goals and accomplish them on our own terms. Shop Kemet provides a space for melinated makers, creatives and service providers to compete on a more level playing field.


The creative spirit of our makers is evident in every product listed. Each item seeks to solve an existing problem or challenge for an often overlooked and marginalized community. 


Only the finest, bestmade products qualify for listing on the Shop Kemet website. We back it up with a generous return policy.


Sellers are encouraged to offer quality products with realistic margins so that everyone can win!